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Kiss Me...One Last Time

"Kiss me!", she said looking into my eyes, adding "One last time..."

"I can't...", lonesome tears in my eyes confessing as the beeps increased their pace.

"Many Happy Returns Of The Day", were my last words to her before the whole thing happened. If only she could know I now belonged to the other world...


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1. The above original literary work is a type of microfiction. What is it know as?
A Drabble
B 69er
C 55 Fiction


55 Fiction is a literary work which imposes a rule of 55 or less words.
69er should contain exactly 69 words.
Drabble should contain exactly 100 words.
Correct Answer: C
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2. What is the maximum word count allowed for the title of this particular type of microfiction?
A 5
B 6
C 7
D 10


In a 55 Fiction, the title of the story can’t exceed seven words. But It is not considered part of the overall word count.
Correct Answer: C
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3. The concept of this particular type of microfiction is copyrighted.
A True
B False


Yes, the 55 Fiction concept is a copyright of Steve Moss, founder and publisher of New Times, an independent alternative weekly in California. Only two books have been published on the concept. Steve Moss died in 2005 and Moss's family now holds the copyright.
Correct Answer: A
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4. This type of microfiction made its first appearance in ____ as a short story writing contest.
A 1977
B 1987
C 1997
D 2007


Correct Answer: B
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5. Ernest Hemingway, Nobel Prize laureate, was once challenged to write a complete story in six words. What was his story?
A Ferris wheel stuck. Have to pee.
B He acted dumb. It wasn't hard.
C For sale: baby shoes, never worn.
D Being just friends not going well.


Ernest Hemingway's story proves that its not always necessary to have 600 or 6000 words in a story for it to be appreciated.
Refer to http://sixwordstoryeveryday.blogspot.com/ for details about the other 3.
Correct Answer: C
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